Urbana Park District Trails Master Plan

Plan Introduction

People are increasingly relating open spaces and trails to an enhanced quality of life. They know that having a safe place for children to play in their neighborhood is a positive amenity for their community. They have heard about how walking and biking trails can help increase property values and decrease fuel consumption. They are perhaps seeing more people getting out of their cars and onto a bicycle to go to work or recreate. They sense the calming effect that being out in the open air with plenty of grass and natural vegetation has on hectic lifestyles. They appreciate having public swimming pools, nature centers, and a means to a destination other than the street. Here in Urbana, acres of wooded areas and prairie, historical and natural places of interest, and urban activity centers, are all waiting to be visited and appreciated. Local agencies and residents are actively seeking ways to unite the community with its surroundings. The Trails Master Plan is an important step toward completing a city- and region- wide greenways and trails system that can be used and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.